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Get Inspired To Move Beyond Your Limits With These *Powerful* Moments From Rexona x’s Unstoppable Challenge

We’re inspired to get moving, too!
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When you try a new deodorant, what better way to test it than by sweating it out? This is exactly what 486 Unstoppable Movers were able to do at Rexona x’s Unstoppable Challenge, held last July 28, 2023, at Palm Drive Activity Center, Glorietta 2, Makati City.

Dressed in cute pink and teal gym ‘fits, and armed with the NEW Rexona, your favorite fitness content creators put their physical abilities to the test and moved beyond their limits by trying Rexona’s Unstoppable Zones. Picture a giant playground consisting of three zones with various challenges that will get your heart pumping (and underarms sweating!). 

ICYMI, here are the highlights from the event to inspire you to unleash your Unstoppable Moves:

Unstoppable Zones and leaderboards

In the first zone, Unstoppable Protection, Unstoppable Movers took notes from a product demo, watched a short infographic video, and were given only 72 seconds to answer a short trivia quiz about Rexona. After, they jumped on the dance challenge where they had to follow brand ambassador Andrea Brillantes’ slick dance moves, record their dance, and upload it on social media with the hashtag #RexonaUnstoppableChallenge and tag RexonaPH. Those with the best moves were featured on the leaderboard and received special prizes. For this challenge, Unstoppable Mover Lorraine N. garnered the highest score at 58.32 thanks to her quick-witted answers and lively dance moves.

Unstoppable Movers had to step up their game at the second zone because this time around there were three challenges to be completed: the Unstoppable Shots challenge where you shoot as many basketballs as you can in 45 seconds, the Unstoppable Catch challenge where you have to catch falling sticks before they hit the floor, and the Unstoppable Sprint challenge where you run as fast as you can reach 100 meters in 1 minute. For this zone, Dan B. scored an epic 102 converted basketball shots, while Lucy P. caught 7 sticks (out of 8!), and Jasper A. on the other hand easily hit the target distance in the given time limit.

The final zone also had three tests: the Rexona One Foot Test where you balance on one foot for as long as 2 minutes, the Rexona Hanging Test where you execute a dead hang for as long as you can, and the Rexona Step Test where you make as many steps as you can on an aerobic step box within 2 minutes. For this zone, Tess Nocyao lasted two minutes on one foot while maintaining good form, while Charlie P. impressed the crowd with this 3-minute and 11-second dead hang. Lastly, Danzel Fernandez hit an impressive 132 steps in 2 minutes.

Special appearances by Rexona’s brand ambassadors

Gen Z Queen and actress Andrea Brillantes showed up in an all-pink ensemble, bringing her fun and quirky personality with her. She shared how dancing is her favorite way to stay active since she gets to move her body and keep a positive mindset throughout the day. ASEAN gold winner and para-athlete King James Reyes also made an appearance and humbly shared how ~tiwala sa sarili~ is all you need to help you start a sport—and we couldn’t agree more!

Both brand ambassadors took a stab at the zones, with Andrea busting a move at Zone 1’s Unstoppable Dance Moves challenge, catching sticks at Zone 2’s Unstoppable Catch challenge (she caught only 1 stick and jokingly shared how she’s loyal to the one, pun intended, wink wink!), and successfully completing Zone 3’s Rexona One Foot Test. Meanwhile, King James showed the crowd how it’s done at Zone 2’s Unstoppable Sprint challenge.

Prizes and freebies galore!

Apart from exclusive Rexona products, Unstoppable Movers were also able to claim a one-of-a-kind sports bottle and towel after successfully completing the Unstoppable Challenges. And for the cherry on top, those who topped the leaderboards among the special guests also won a giveaway of P5k worth of Nike vouchers! To cap the event, five lucky Unstoppable Movers won the raffle and took home brand-new Garmin watches to keep them motivated throughout their fitness journey. 

It may have been a tiring day for the Unstoppable Movers but fulfilling nonetheless. If there's anything that everyone learned from the Unstoppable Challenge; it is that there is an Unstoppable Mover in everyone. Be confident by using daily the NEW Rexona–formulated to provide unstoppable movers up to 72 hours of unstoppable protection, so you can move beyond limits. It is also formulated with Active Shield Technology designed to work effectively even under hot and humid conditions. With daily use, feel unstoppable and be confident to move and groove throughout the day.

Grab your deo now and get moving #ForTheUnstoppableYou! Shop your favorite Rexona products at stores nationwide or online via Shopee and Lazada. For more information, visit the brand's website and follow its official Facebook page.

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