10 Things Women Think When They Finally Orgasm

10 Things Women Think When They Finally Orgasm

Taking a nap forever!!!

1. Freaking FINALLY! Yes, yes, yes! I'm cominnnnngggg....

2. Whoa, am I squirting? Is this what squirting feels like? I'd ask this guy, but I don't want him to think I haven't squirted before and then feel like some sort of sex king if I didn't even squirt. I'll Google it later. 

3. Good-bye, I'm going to take a nap forever. I don't even exist now so please do not try to talk to me. Seriously, I am basically already asleep, byeeee.

4. Do I have cake in the house right now? Or even, like, brownies? Oh! I have fries from last night. But then I'd have to move. I wonder if I could ask him to go to my fridge and bring me the fries, or does that make me sound too lazy?

5. Please stop touching me, I am not joking. Now that I've had an orgasm everything is too sensitive. Why do guys think they're the only ones this happens to?! That said, sometimes it's the reverse…

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6. Why did you stop touching me so quickly?! Yes, I had an orgasm but if you hadn't stopped touching me so soon I could've easily had five more. Oh, well. No, don't worry about it. Let's just watch Game of Thrones.

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7. I honestly was not expecting that orgasm to happen. Man, I guess spending 45 minutes concentrating and giving incredibly specific instructions like, "Literally put your hand where my hand is, Jeff. Yes, keep doing that. I'll check up on you in a little while." really paid off. And occasionally…

8. Do I have to take turns now or can you give me five hours to just lie here doing nothing? One of the worst things ever is having a guy give you an orgasm and then immediately feeling like it's his turn to have one now. So you mean I have to quickly finish enjoying how awesome I feel so I can get to work on your needy peen? Cool story. 

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9. Do I have to ask him to order pizza or will he just know I want him to do that? Aww, he knew to order it and I didn't even have to ask. I'm a lucky girl. Wait, did he just say anchovies? What the fuck?

10. Nothing. At All. This one's pretty ideal, but if that's not possible, the cake thing is legit. 


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