5 Sore Eyes Myths, Debunked!

No, breast milk can't cure it.

The rainy season is the perfect time to cuddle, sip coffee all day long, and acquire sore eyes. Wait, what? Yes folks, getting conjunctivitis a.k.a. sore eyes is more common at this time of the year thanks to the humid weather that aids the spread of viruses and bacteria. But you knew that already, didn't you?

Here's something you probably don't: There's no truth that sore eyes can be transmitted just by looking at an infected person's eye? It's a myth, and we'll debunk these here, along with four other non-truths:

1. You'll get sore eyes just by looking into the eyes of someone who has it.

Sore eyes isn't an airborne disease. You only catch the virus through actual physical contact such as the use of a towel that previously had contact with the infected eyes.

2. Breast milk and urine can cure it. 

Yes, apparently, some people believe that these are remedies. Doctors say they aren't and can cause secondary bacterial infections. We're siding with the doctors on this one.

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3. Sore eyes can cause permanent blindness. 

The constant flow of tears can cause temporary blurriness of vision. As long as you take care of the infection properly and protect it from further irritants, sore eyes will rarely lead to blindness.

4. Wearing sunglasses will help cure the infection faster. 

Technically no. But with sunglasses on, you're less likely to make hand-to-eye contact, which, in turn, will lessen the further introduction of irritants to your eyes.

5. Pouring a ton of eye drops will help it heal faster. 

Viral conjunctivitis usually stays for about seven days. Once you get infected, the virus will remain there until it completes its cycle. The eye drops aren't there to actually treat it. It's just there to soothe the burning sensation.

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