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5 Times You Wish You Wore A Panty Liner

How important is it to stay fresh down there?

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While there aren’t hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing panty liners, there are certain perks to wearing them often—especially in a country as hot and humid as the Philippines. In fact, it’s probably difficult to recall a time when using panty liners wasn't a part of your daily routine. And when you do forget to wear one, the discomfort can be unsettling. Here are five un-fresh moments all girls can relate to:

1. When you’re commuting
Commuting in Manila might just be the most stressful part of your day. The long lines coupled with the insane heat aren’t ideal, especially if your goal is to make it to the office looking presentable. But what’s worse than looking haggard is feeling gross because you forgot to wear a panty liner. It really does make a huge difference!

2. When you’re wearing white
You're usually more aware of your outfit when you’re wearing white since stains are so much more visible then. And when you don’t have a panty liner on while you’re in your favorite white jeans, it’s like you’re missing an extra layer of protection, right?

3. When it's around that time of the month
Even fully grown, responsible women lose track of their cycles—we already have too many things to think about! The increase in vaginal discharge and the occurrence of spotting are very real struggles most women have before they get their periods. Using a panty liner every day can alleviate some of that stress. And when you're period's almost over, you can switch to panty liners so you won’t have to waste your pads for minimal menstrual discharge. Panty liners are also more flexible and comfortable because they don’t feel as bulky! 

4. When you’re traveling
Exploring a new place is always fun, but let’s face it, girls: it’s difficult to find a decent toilet when you’re deep in an ancient temple or in the middle of a hiking trip. If you’ve got a jam-packed day ahead of you with barely any bathroom breaks, wearing a pantyliner can minimize that uncomfortable, sticky feeling, helping you feel fresh all day long.

5. When you’re exercising
Do you feel extra icky when you're working out without a panty liner on? It’s because high-impact exercises like running, boxing, and Zumba could lead you to expel more discharge. Aside from being uncomfortable, it’s also really distracting. You don’t get as much from your workout session as you’d like, too.

Use CAREFREE® panty liners to feel clean, fresh and beautiful every day! For maximum freshness, make sure to change your liner at least twice daily. For more information about CAREFREE®, check out their Facebook page.

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