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5 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes From Biting You

Did you know? People with the blood type O attract mosquitoes more than those with type A or B blood!

It’s true. Some of us are easy targets of mosquitoes than others. According to Jonathan Day, a medical entomologist and mosquito expert at the University of Florida, “some people produce more of certain chemicals in their skin. And few of those chemicals, like lactic acid, attract mosquitoes.” Not to mention, people with the blood type O attract mosquitoes more than those with type A or B blood.

In a way it’s safe to say it’s in one’s genes. Other factors in  your genes can also make you more attractive to mosquitoes, like metabolic rate or the amount of carbon dioxide your body releases as it burns energy. The carbon dioxide signals the presence of a host to the mosquitoes; so if you give off more carbon dioxide, the more attractive you are to them.

But there are other factors that are under your control, which you can do to help keep mosquitoes away.


1. Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes. Dark colors stand out to mosquitoes, making you an easy target. Mosquitoes compare the silhouettes they see to the horizon, which is bright. Light colors make your silhouette blend in. White is your safest bet.

2. Apply mosquito repellents. You can use chemical repellents or chemical-free ones like oil of lemon eucalyptus. Mosquitoes can’t stand their smell.

3. Stay indoors during dusk and dawn. Those are the peak biting times of mosquitoes. So if you’re commuting, make sure you’re covered up at least or with some mosquito repellent rubbed on your legs. (Mosquitoes usually fly low, close to the ground.)

4. Avoid flowery perfumes. Mosquitoes love the sweet scent of flowers, and the easy targets of mosquitoes, the people with blood type O, are said to have sweeter blood. Making yourself sweeter really waves the red flag at them.

5. Go easy on the outdoor physical activities. Mosquitoes can tell their hosts apart through heat and movement, too. When you’re doing sports or when you’ve finished, you’d be panting a lot and all that carbon dioxide will draw them closer. The lactic acid from your sweat glands is extra tip.

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Sources: Time, ABC News

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