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6 Reasons To Take A Cold Shower Every Day

It's worth the first moments of shivering.

1. It boosts your energy and alertness. A cold shower will shock anybody. You get an energy boost when you begin taking deep breaths as a rush of blood goes through your entire body from the increased heart rate.

2. It improves blood circulation. Cold water increases your heart rate, hence making blood flow more efficiently to surround your organs. This can even lower blood pressure and clear blocked arteries.

3. It improves immunity. Cold showers increase the amount of white blood cells, which fight diseases.

4. It’s good for your hair and skin. Hot water dries the hair and the skin out, and opens up your pores. Cold water, on the other hand, hydrates your hair and skin and tightens your pores so they won’t be clogged with dirt.

5. It relieves depression. Some people who are diagnosed with depression are advised to take cold showers—it’s part of hydrotherapy. How it works is that the cold water will send blood flowing through the person’s body from the core to keep her body warm, hence “bathing” the brain and the vital organs in fresh, oxygen-rich blood that nourishes and detoxifies.

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6. It burns fat. Our bodies have two types of fat: white fat and brown fat. The white fat is what we get when we consume more calories than our body needs to function and don’t burn them. This is found in our waist, lower back, neck, and thighs.

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The brown fat generates heat to keep the body warm, and is activated when we take a cold shower. When the brown fat is active, calories are being burned.  A study found that cold temperatures can increase brown fat, which can result in losing nine pounds in a year!

If you can’t take cold showers, start by bathing in warm water. As you go along, adjust the water’s temperature until really cold water is rushing down your body.

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