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6 Sinfully Good Ways To Get Fit

Tuna salad with a side of James Reid’s abs, anyone?

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We all know that hitting the gym and sticking to a healthy diet are foolproof ways to achieve a smokinhot bod. But after being on constant overdrive throughout the busy day, spending another minute doing something less than pleasurable is often out of the question, even if it takes us a step closer to our #fitnessgoals. So here, we rounded up six effective but super fun ways to lose those extra pounds and tone your body:

1. Shut up and dance.

Do you know that twerking helps tone your core, glutes, hips, and thighs? What more if you throw in your signature dance moves for This is What You Came For, Sorry, and Worth It? So turn your room into a private dance club or hit up that famous bar in BGC with your girl friends. (Just go easy on those high-calorie cocktails!)

2. Live the pole life.

This once frowned-upon activity is slowly becoming a crowd favorite for a number of reasons. Aside from helping you burn 250 calories in one session, pole dancing also tones your muscles and increases your flexibility. Add to that the sense of accomplishment you'll feel after conquering an activity as challenging (and as risque) as this.

3. More sexy time with bae? Yasss!

Really, what could be more pleasurable? You can burn as much as 144 calories for just 30 minutes of you-on-top sex. Plus, certain positions—like the reverse cowgirl—help tone your thighs and butt muscles.

4. Get enough shuteye.

We're just as surprised as you are with this one, but Women's Health confirms that getting enough snooze helps you burn more calories. According to a study from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the amount of calories normal sleepers burn when they're not moving is five percent higher compared to sleep-deprived people. They also lose 20 percent more calories after a meal compared to their tired counterparts. So next time you get the chance, hit the sack early!

5. Eat five to six times a day.

Instead of the usual three huge meals a day, make it five to six mini ones. Small meals are believed to help control your appetite and double your energy, while large meals burden the digestive system and ultimately cause bloating.

6. Tuna salad with a side of James Reid's abs, anyone?

Tuna salad without mayonnaise, that is. For starters, this fish is rich in omega-3, which helps produce leptin, a hormone that creates the feeling of fullness. It also has high protein content and relatively low calorie count. This must be the reason why even James Reid (a.k.a. the man of our dreams) is hooked with Century Tuna. Aside from being delish, it has helped James achieve his hot new bod. (See it on the ~*amazing*~ clip here and on the yummy GIF below!)

Check out Century Tuna Superbods' Facebook page for more updates and fitness tips!

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