6 Things That Will Surprisingly Make You Happier And Beautiful

They’re really basic. And no, makeup and clothes aren’t part of the list.

Your pets.


Studies have shown that people with pets are less likely to be depressed. Yep, taking care of pets actually helps increase your body’s serotonin and dopamine levels—making you relax. Even watching a goldfish inside the aquarium can help take your mind off office-related woes!

Coffee dates with friends.


A Harvard study showed that women who drank at least four cups of coffee a day are 20% less likely to develop depression. Want to make coffee drinking more relaxing and fun? Schedule a coffee date with a friend!

A random "thank you" text.


Feeling really nega today? Here's something to perk you up instantly: Think of  something you’re really thankful for. Did your boyfriend send you a bouquet of flowers this morning? Did your kuya drive you to work, because you couldn’t find a cab? Send them a thank you text! Research shows that people who say “thank you” on a daily basis experience fewer health problems.

Your favorite song.


Ever wonder why listening to songs on Spotify makes you extra chipper? Apparently, upbeat songs encourage movement by altering your brainwave speeds. A German study showed that music helps put people in a better mood. Plus, it helps us reconnect with our feelings by affecting our heart rates and physiological functions. 

A walk in the park.


Think gym memberships are too pricey? Try taking long walks around your neighborhood. Aside from burning extra calories, non-strenuous activities like walking in the park can help perk you up by boosting endorphin levels. 

Your daily dose of vitamins.


Vitamin B, found in green, leafy veggies, has been proven to be effective in increasing energy. Vitamin D, found in salmon and eggs, has also been proven to improve moods. Iron and zinc, which are found in nuts, are also known for fighting depression. So it’s a good thing there’s Centrum,  a complete multivitamin that packs all the essential nutrients to give you healthy skin and great energy. It has vitamins B2, C, D, Iron, and Zinc to improve your mood, making you happier and beautiful all day.

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