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Alleged Flesh-Eating Disease Discovered in Pangasinan

Is it a hoax or a prophesy coming true?

In 2013, Prophet Sadhu, the man who famously prophesied the tsunami in Japan and Typhoon Yolanda, predicted that a rare disease that corrupts people’s skin and bones, causing them to rot away, will strike Pangasinan. Below is the full video of his predictions (skip to the 4:39 mark for the prophesy about the disease).

Initially, many dismissed it as just a hoax, but ABS-CBN’s Bandila has reported that a mysterious flesh-eating bacteria has indeed been discovered in Pangasinan and is starting to spread. Yikes!

One of the victims of the disease featured in the report is a 20-year-old girl named Claire, whose entire body is covered in wounds. When asked what the wounds felt like, she replied "masakit (painful)". Her mother also shared that they were shocked to discover maggots and ants emerging from her wounds.

Watch the full report below (Note: it contains graphic images and is NSFW.)

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Doctors, however, claim that this "mysterious flesh-eating bacteria" is nothing but a sensationalized hoax. "There is no truth to a rumor that a flesh-eating disease is spreading in the province," said Pangasinan provincial health officer Dr. Anna De Guzman during a phone interview with She clarified that the first patient, Claire, is a leper who suffered from an adverse reaction from a drug. The second patient in the video is ailed with psoriasis.

"Sometimes, the media attempts to exaggerate to make the news sensational...They just want to connect it to the prophecy," she said in Filipino.

Hoax or not, we're praying the victims get better soon and the so-called "prophesy" doesn't come true.

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