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Bad News: Sitting All Day Negates Your Workout

Because sitting REALLY takes a toll on our fitness.

A study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine reports that we negate the benefits of exercise when we spend all day sitting down. Each time unit of sitting cancels out 8 percent of what we gain from the same amount of vigorous exercise, like running. So for example you run for an hour and sit down for 10 hours, you lose 80 percent of the health benefit. YIKES! It's much worse if you only do moderately intense workouts. You'll lose 16 percent instead of 8!

Those who spend most of their time sitting down, even if they exercise, still have high rates of hospitalization, heart disease, and cancer.

You might be wondering what the point is of working out if the benefits will be cancelled out anyway. But according to the research authors, that means we should exercise all the more. "We found that when someone's sitting for a long time, any movement is good movement." So walk as often as you can (drink lots of water so you'll have frequent trips to the restroom!), stand, take the stairs, and stretch your limbs!

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