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Coffee Can Make You Poop 4 Minutes After Drinking It!

And women are twice as likely to be affected!

Remember when we published how coffee is considered a laxative? Well, we found this cute video that explains further why coffee and poop are practically BFFs. Watch it below!

Take note that quick bowel movement and constipation relief happens to only 23 percent of coffee drinkers, and happens mostly in women than in men. It all depends on your daily activities and your body's sensitivity to caffeine.

It's important to note that some people also get constipated after getting some caffeine. Too much water is getting flushed (from their kidneys) out of their system through pee, so their colon might not get enough water to process the stools properly. Or their colon, becoming overactive, absorbs too much water that there's not enough to make the stools soft and smooth.

Point is, coffee has an effect on your bowel movement, so a cup may give you an extra benefit or not. Still, it's all good.

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