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Study Shows Drinking Coffee And Green Tea In The Morning Is Good For You

Why Drinking Coffee and Green Tea is Good For You
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Researchers have a love-hate relationship with breakfast. Recently, it's been more on the love side of things. Earlier last month, a study said intermittent fasting was too good to be true (breakfast: 1, fasting: 0). Now, research has shown that simply drinking coffee and green tea in the morning has long-term health benefits.


Honestly, we can't complain. Not only do both coffee and green tea taste good, but they also set the morning and the rest of the day right. A hefty amount of the two has been linked to 63 percent lower mortality rates to those with type-2 diabetes.

The study, published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, found that drinking two cups of coffee and four or more cups of green tea were most beneficial. Excuse us while we try to catch up and make a cup of either, stat.

There are other factors at play, however, that researchers found, too: "Higher educational or income levels may be associated with greater coffee consumption; they may also be related to lower mortality risk."


Still, everything is better in moderation.

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