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There Are More COVID-19 Recoveries Than Deaths In The PH For The First Time

PHOTO: Getty Images

The Department of Health just released the COVID-19 count in the Philippines for April 15, and while our total number of cases has exceeded 5,000we're currently at 5,453there is finally some good news: The total number of recoveries has finally exceeded the total number of deaths.

The Philippines now records 353 recoveries and 349 deaths.

This means that more Filipinos have recovered from COVID-19 than died. Previous recovery to death ratios worried netizens as more patients were dying than recovering, but that finally changed today.

The Philippine national and local governments have begun rolling out progressive mass testing, with high-risk patients being prioritized for the first wave. This includes the elderly, people with pre-existing conditions, pregnant women, and healthcare workers showing symptoms.

The DOH advises the people to not panic as numbers will be expected to increase in the following days due to mass testing.

The COVID-19 fatality rate in the Philippines is now at 6.4 percent. This is higher than the U.S. fatality rate, which is currently at 4.27 percent, but significantly lower than Italy's fatality rate, which stands at 12.96 percent as of April 15.



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