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These Are The 5 Grossest, Dirtiest Places In A Restaurant

The areas you thought were the cleanest might actually be the worst.
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It's not surprising that restaurants—like any public place—aren't very clean. There are the standard things that might gross you out: restrooms, exposed mints sitting in a bowl, or a container filled with unwrapped straws. But what are the germiest spots? You might be surprised when you find out.

A recent video by Buzz60 featuring an interview with Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at University of Arizona, is going viral for pointing out the five germiest spots in restaurants. The place you might have felt the cleanest might actually be the worst (hi, tables).

Here's the list:

1. The table 

That wet towel that's used to clean your table has been used to clean other tables, so it's probably loaded with germs.

2. Utensils 

 Your fork is going right on that germ-coated table.

3. Menus

A lot of people have handled that before you.

4. High chairs and booster seats 

 Two words: Dirty diapers.

5. Lemons 

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 Many hands are touching those lemons before they get to you.

*Never eats out again.*

Watch the full video and explainer below.

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