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PSA: Using Face Masks With Breathing Valves Can't Prevent The Spread Of COVID-19

It allows for easier transmission of the virus.
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Masks, face shields, alcohol, disinfectant wipes, and UV sterilizers—these are just some of the items we've included in our essentials ever since the COVID-19 pandemic affected our country. Perhaps the most important is the mask, as it can greatly help in warding off the transmission of the virus.

And just like any piece of clothing we wear, it now comes in a ton of different styles, colors, and types. The ones with breathing valves, however, are not really efficient in keeping you protected. Keep on reading to know more:

At first glance, masks with breathing valves look and feel superior to your regular cloth or surgical masks, but they actually fall short in protecting you from COVID-19. While its one-way valve that lets your exhaled air pass through a small filter attached to the mask enables you to breathe comfortably, it also allows easier transmission of the virus to others.


The whole point of a mask is not only to avoid inhaling particles that may have the virus, but it's also to prevent yourself from releasing particles from your mouth and nose into the air in case you're an asymptomatic carrier. A face mask with a breathing valve defeats one of the main purposes of wearing a mask in the first place—to protect others from getting infected, too.

Several hospitals have also echoed similar sentiments and released memos regarding the use of face masks with breathing valves. According to a Facebook post by The Medical City Clinic, "While masks with valves are designed to ease exhalation and decrease humidity for the wearer, they do not block transmission of COVID-19 because they allow exhaled air and droplets to escape." They have also banned the usage of masks with valves in all their clinics for the safety of their patients, clinic staff, and doctors.

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Facebook/The Medical City Clinic


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