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For Healthy Weight Management, It's Time To Lipout

Find out how you can stay fit and healthy the natural way!

Most people agree that the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight go beyond mere vanity. We reduce our risk of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues. Being fit and healthy gives us peace of mind. It enables us to enjoy time with family, friends, our partner or spouse, and to have abundant energy for both work and leisure.


Being health-conscious doesn’t have to mean eating boring food. Certainly, some effort is required, maybe even a little sacrifice sometimes, but we can stay healthy and fit without having to feel deprived or miserable. 


Natural Fat Binder


For healthy weight management to be truly effective and long-lasting, however, it has to be done the healthy and natural way.


New to the Philippine market is a brand named Lipout. Lipout’s main ingredient is called Litramine™ which is a patented fiber complex derived from organically grown cactus plants. Unusual as it may sound, several varieties of cactus plants are actually traditional staples on the dining tables of countries like Mexico and those in the Mediterranean regions. And now, scientists have discovered one cactus variety that can be an effective weight-loss aid as well.



Research scientists from InQpharm have found that the cactus variety Opuntia ficus indica has a high ability to bind with dietary fat. Thru a proprietary manufacturing process they have captured the essential fat-binding benefits of the cactus plant into a convenient capsule.


How It Works: The Science Behind Lipout


Two to three tablets of Lipout taken AFTER EACH MAIN MEAL binds fat as soon as it comes into contact with fat from the food in the stomach. In the stomach, a fat fiber complex is formed along with the bound fat. The fat-fiber complex entraps the bound fat into a gel-like covering. The gel-like covering with the unabsorbed bound fat becomes too large to be absorbed by our body, thus the unabsorbed fats are eliminated naturally. After intake of Lipout, fat is reduced and eliminated in the stool.


The fat-fiber complex also slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach; therefore decreasing our food cravings and helping us eat less in the process.

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The Plus Side, Not Plus Size


Unlike other products that claim aid in weight-loss, Lipout promotes healthy weight management. The brand stands out because of its unique benefits and advantages:


It helps prevent weight gain by lowering dietary fat-absorption, resulting in lower calorie-intake. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Lipout can reduce average body weight by up to .72 kg, or 1.5 pounds within three days. 


It helps increase the feeling of fullness. The product slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach, minimizing the rapid rise of sugar levels in the blood. This, in turn, helps reduce food cravings.


It really is natural and organic. Although many products claim to be natural and organic, Lipout is certified by EcoCert, one of the world leaders in the certification of organic farming products. This means that Lipout complies with the rigorous standards applied in organic farming.  No chemicals were used in the extraction of its essential elements, nor were any preservatives added to the product. The product is even endorsed by the Vegetarian Society in the United Kingdom, making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 



It has no known harmful side effects. It has no embarassing side effects, either. Because dietary fat is eliminated naturally in the stool, we won’t have to worry about oily leakages, loose stools and flatulence that keep us from our daily activities.


It’s Time To Lipout


Lipout is for people who want to engage in healthy weight management for the long term. Live our lives the way we want it—take the time and make the right steps to achieving a healthy body naturally and safely.


Pregnant and lactating women, and those with kidney conditions, are advised to consult their doctors before taking Lipout. Lipout is not a substitute for cholesterol-reducing medications but may contribute to more rapid lowering of cholesterol levels. Those taking such medications are advised to inform their doctors, for possible adjustment in their current medication.


Lipout is now available at leading Mercury Drug stores nationwide. For more information on Lipout and Healthy Weight Management visit


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