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Getting A Booster? Try These Tips For Managing Potential Vaccine Side Effects

Make sure you're fine after your vaccination!
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Before anything else: ignore the unsolicited medical advice that your tito has been doling out in the family chat group. Yes, you know which tito, and if you don’t, then consider yourself lucky. One of the pandemic’s many smaller tragedies is that a lot of us have had to deal with crackpot vaccine theories circulating among friends and family members.

Many of these theories—and it should be easy enough to tell which ones—are harmful, irresponsible, and almost always entirely baseless. Be polite to your loved ones, but when it comes to information on vaccination, trust the science! 

So what does the science say about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines? According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the side effects are nothing to worry about, by and large. In many cases, they’re as minor as an arm that feels heavy and painful for a day or two. For some, a vaccine’s side effects may include fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever, and nausea. All things considered, nothing a strong independent woman can’t handle!

But of course, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared to manage these side effects. If you’re getting vaxxed or receiving a booster dose soon (yaaas!), here are a few tips for staying on top of your health in the ensuing days.

If you can, take one or two days off from work.
Cameras-on Zoom meetings are difficult enough without a runny nose or a fever. If you have leaves available, use one or two of them to rest after getting your shot. That time can also be used to attend to all the good K-dramas that have been waiting in your Netflix queue.

Cold compress and a little swingin’ can do your arm some good.
It’s common, post-vaccination, for people to feel pain, heaviness, and discomfort in the part of the body that received the vaccine, typically the arm. For this, you need to chill—literally. Apply a clean cold compress to your arm and try swinging it occasionally to help alleviate the discomfort.

A wise kween once said: Drink your water, bish!
If you come down with a fever, don’t panic! Frequent hydration can help aid with your recovery. Take your meds and keep a big jug of water nearby as you rest. 

Stock up on the right over-the-counter meds.
FYI, Phenylephrine HCl Chlorphenamine Maleate Paracetamol (BIOFLU) aids in relieving multiple flu-like symptoms. Before you go out to get your shot, make sure your home is stocked up on it (it’s just SRP P7.50/caplet!) so you can get relief from these symptoms and get back on track right away.

Take a rain check on that wine night.
Or that K-drama-and-soju binge, for that matter. Heavy alcohol consumption, especially if it is long-term, can suppress the immune system, which means it can potentially affect your vaccine response. On the other hand, moderate drinking—say, a glass or two—has not been found to pose a significant risk. Still, what’s a couple of dry nights if it helps the vaccine do its thing?

Know when to consult a doctor.
Now that you know the side effects to expect, you also have an idea of what symptoms may be unusual. Consult a doctor if your side effects worsen or persist for more than two days, if you feel that you’re having an allergic reaction, or if you feel unusual respiratory or heart symptoms. That said, it’s important to note that these are rare cases. As we’ve learned over the past year, COVID-19 vaccines are safe! You’ll be doing yourself, your loved ones, and your community a favor by getting yours.

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


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