Guys Who Post the Most Selfies Share Some Undesirable Personality Traits

Science says.

On Tinder, guys score points for posting extra photos, including selfies: They paint a more accurate picture of what you're getting yourself into if you swipe right. But IRL, guys who post the most selfies on their social networks are the most likely to have some terrible qualities, according to new research

For the study, researchers from Ohio State University surveyed 800 men ages 18 to 40 on their selfie-posting frequency and habits. The guys also filled out questionnaires designed to assess their antisocial behaviors (namely, lack of empathy and impulsivity, which describe psychopathy) and degree of self-objectification (i.e., how much you value your appearance). 

Men who posted selfies most frequently scored higher than average on all counts. (It makes perfect sense: Impulsive, self-absorbed guys want to post pics of themselves often and right away.) 

Also unsurprising: Men who reported spending the most time editing their selfies before posting proved to be the most narcissistic. 

Researchers stress that selfie lovers aren't always crazies—that while a guy's online image(s) canreflect his personality, this doesn't mean that every selfie series flags a flawed personality.

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That said, if you want to improve your image, it can't hurt to break up your selfie stream on Facebook or Instagram with some pics of subjects besides yourself, or on Tinder, with some shots of you and other people. Don't want to send off that psychopath vibe.

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