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Halsey Opens Up About Endometriosis + Her 'Multiple Surgeries'

We're glad more and more women are talking about this condition.
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhalsey

If you’re a fan of Halsey, then you know that she’s been suffering with endometriosis for the longest time. Last year, the "Closer" singer tweeted about the reality of having the condition:

Because so little is known about endometriosis, even doctors are susceptible to misdiagnosing it as polycystic ovary syndrome—another common condition among women—or dismissing it altogether. 

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Last week, the singer braved several surgeries. Though Halsey did not disclose exactly what kind of surgeries she had, we’re so relieved to know she’s taken the matter into her own hands. 

We urge you to explore all your options, ladies. Keep fighting, #endowarriors!

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