Here's How You Can Enjoy Traveling, Even When You're On Your Period

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Going to different places is probably the best way to spice up your life. You get to look forward to seeing new things and be worry-free, even for just a weekend. But traveling can also be quite stressful, especially when you have THAT timely visitor. With sporadic bathroom opportunities, cramps on the side, and fatigue, dealing with your period on the road can be challenging. So how do you make sure your period doesn’t stop you from enjoying your trip? Read on!

Be a girl scout on the road

Anticipating your period during a trip can be a buzz kill, but don't fret! It should in no way be a hindrance to your adventures. The best way to keep your peace of mind on the road is to make sure you're ready for the possibility of menstruating by bringing enough pads and panties for your trip. Aside from packing enough supplies, remember that some places or countries have strict policies on disposal, so make sure you also bring plastic bags so you're ready to dispose of your pads safely, anywhere you are. 

Protect yourself down south


It's crucial to have that all day protection to keep you going, especially on your first two days where you experience at least 70% of fluid loss. Make sure to include a pack of MODESS® All Night pads in your suitcase so you’re free from worrying about the Gush (aka, the sudden flow that makes you want to stop and check if you’ve been letting out lava). Unlike the regular pad, it absorbs 25% more liquid, and isn't just for bedtime use. It's perfect to keep the hush on the gush and to keep you comfy while you stroll away to your next destination.

Keep on moving

Don't spend the day in your bed thrashing about the on-going revolution in your uterus. Get up, dress up, and be confident that you can beat the crap out of your cramps. Know that travelling can actually help release endorphins, hormones that make you feel good, helping you forget the pain.

Finally, remember: You're there to enjoy yourself and not stress over something that has always been part of every women’s awesomeness. Now, go and help out your fellow CGs by sharing this article!

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