Here's How You Know You're Losing Weight

It's not just about the numbers.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ve probably experienced getting frustrated when the scale doesn’t move even after months of exercise. The good news is that it's not the only indicator of weight loss. Here are other signs that say you’ve shed off some pounds.

You've started beating personal records.
Whether you can now go the extra mile during your morning jog or do 25 extra pushups, surpassing your personal records could mean that your body has become stronger and more capable of doing harder exercises. 

You have an easier time accomplishing everyday tasks.
If you want to measure how much progress you've made with your fitness goals, observe how you deal with everyday tasks. Can you climb up the stairs with ease? Or do you still have to catch your breath every time you do so? If you can achieve daily tasks easily without wheezing or feeling exhausted, then you’ve definitely reached a higher level of health and fitness.

Your sleep patterns have changed.
Surprising as it seems, your sleep patterns can determine where you stand health-wise. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you need about seven to nine hours of sleep, and if you meet that requirement, your health needs are being met.

Your body tells you so.
Listen to your body and try being more in tune with it. It doesn’t matter if the scale hasn't moved after weeks of exercise—what’s important is what your body is telling you. Do you feel better about yourself? Is your skin clearer? Are you more in control of your cravings than before? These simple things say a lot about your health.  

Your selfies speak for themselves.
You can whip out your measuring tape as much as you want. "Progress pictures, however, are instrumental in helping you see the changes in your body from one day to the next, one month to the next, or even from where you started years ago," says Boston-based fitness competitor and vlogger Taryn Gilligan

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