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His Penis Can Tell You About His Life Expectancy

Is he 70 percent more likely to die early?!

Scientists from the University of Mississippi have found that if your guy has erectile dysfunction, he is 70 percent more likely to die early.

FYI, erectile dysfunction is the inability for him to get and sustain an erection firm enough for sex. It's commonly caused by poor cardiovascular health, according to Dr. Tobias Köhler, an associate professor of urology at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. So if your guy usually has troubles getting hard, don't think it's because you're not arousing him enough. He could have an early sign of a heart problem, which could lead to heart attack or stroke in the next five years.

But what do erections have anything to do with cardiovascular health? Well, the penis has blood vessels that carry blood to it for erections to happen. These vessels are tiny enough that they get clogged with plaque easily, usually because of smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, age, and diabetes. And they're the ones that get clogged first as a sign that his heart's in trouble.

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So if he has the disorder, Dr. Köhler suggests you tell him to see his doctor so that the cardiovascular problem can be treated right away before it gets fatal. On your part, work out more often with him and encourage him to have a balanced diet.

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