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30 Minutes Of Sex Will Burn Up To 100 Calories

That amounts to a cup of blueberries, an egg, or half a baked potato.

We know what goes down when we go down. A lot of vigorous movement, sweat, a cramp here or there. So it's not surprising that many people wonder if sex can be a form of exercise. Some people say that it is, because it burns calories. But how much sex is considered a workout?

Apparently, getting frisky for 30 minutes burns 85 to 100 calories (that amounts to a cup of blueberries, an egg, or half a baked potato). But that's not enough for health and fitness buffs out there. 

So here's how to use sex as a calorie-burner:

1. Do it in the morning, before you get out of bed. Sex can be your warmup before your morning workout.

2. Engage your core muscles. Flexing your core strengthens it. Hello, abs!

3. Do more difficult positions. This will stretch your limbs and make your body exert more effort, hence burning more calories. You can refer to the Kama Sutra or try the positions below:

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4. Do it more and do it often. If you're pretty intense and you can last more than half an hour, you're burning more than 100 calories for sure. (And you're probably happier, because you're doing that instead of, IDK, jogging.)

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