Ice From Restaurants Dirtier Than Toilet Water

Yikes! You might want to skip the ice next time you eat out.

There’s nothing quite like a nice, ice-cold drink to go with your favorite meal. But did you know that by chewing on those little ice chips or letting them melt, you’re possibly ingesting thousands of bacteria?

A study conducted in six of Britain’s top restaurants revealed that the ice used in their drinks is dirtier than toilet water. Yikes!

Upon conducting scientific tests, it was discovered that the ice contained higher levels of bacteria compared to water samples taken from toilets in lavatories. Experts concluded that a possible explanation for this is because the toilets are probably cleaned more often than ice dispensers. Human contamination is another cause for this. If a member of the staff forgets to wash his or her hand before handling the ice, bacteria from their hands can easily be transferred.

Though it’s not a cause for immediate health danger, it is considered a hygiene risk.


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