Is Your Boyfriend Making You Fat?

A survey shows that long-term relationships are the biggest cause of weight gain.

Don’t you just love vegging out on the couch with your beau on a rainy night while watching your favorite flick with a big bowl of ice cream and an even bigger bag of chips?

It’s great that you’re comfortable enough with each other to pig out as you wish (guilty as charged), but did you know that this may be the main reason why you’ve been getting a little pudgier since you started going out?

A new survey conducted by Diet Chef reveals that relationships are the biggest cause of weight gain. It surpasses even more obvious culprits like eating your sorrows away after a bad breakup or overindulging in delicious buffets during parties.

62% of the survey’s respondents said that they gained weight after committing to a relationship. Three quarters thought that their partners gained weight too, while two thirds of the couples said that they put on weight together.

More than half of the women cited portion control as the cause of their weight gain, as they usually try to match their partners' eating habits. Moreover, the couples’ activities such as watching TV and eating out regularly are also to blame.

“This survey has revealed some very interesting results, and it’s surprising to see how complacent people can be when they are in a relationship,” says a spokesperson for Diet Chef.

“It’s widely known that people tend to put on a little bit of weight once they have found love, but what we didn't expect to find was that the weight gain is on average a stone [or 14 lbs.], if not more. We appreciate the role food plays in a relationship, and whilst enjoyment of food is great, it’s important to stay healthy and monitor what you eat on a daily basis, especially portion size.”


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