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Kiss PMS Blues Away

Don't let your period get in the way of fun.
Confidence is key to feeling sexy, but a bout of PMS can easily diminish your poise. While you can't avoid succumbing to the pain, you can lessen the toll by changing the way you feel about yourself.

But it's also possible to snap out of your bloated state, and usually it just requires a quick mental makeover. Try our remedies for period blues.

Option 1: Work out.
Doing light cardio has been proven to banish the bloats and the blues. In fact, a study by Duke University showed that depressed people who exercised consistently experienced declines in moodiness and anxiety equal to those who took antidepressants!

"Even just a fast walk around the block will help boost your mood," according to Geoffrey Redmond, MD, founder of the Hormone Center of New York and author of The Hormonally Vulnerable Woman. Or, pass up the gym for an early morning walk around your village: Research at Texas A&M University found that exposure to everyday nature scenes can help you bounce back from stressful feelings in as little as five minutes.

Option 2: Slip into your most sumptuous sleepwear. Now is the time to break out those incredibly loose-fitting, silky pj's that make that sexy swishy sound when you walk. While you're at it, give yourself a pedicure. "Pampering yourself is even more essential when you're feeling low, because your mind may be telling you that you're unworthy," points out Cardinal. "But by indulging yourself, you reinforce the idea that you do deserve to feel good."

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