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Here's Where You Can Buy Menstrual Cups If You're Curious

Are you finally ready to try it?
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This could be the first time you’re hearing about it, but the menstrual cup has actually been around for quite some time now. It was first patented in the 1930s by Leona W. Chalmers, but has only started gaining popularity in recent years due to increased environmental awareness. Slate’s feature on menstrual waste mentions that the average woman throws out around 200 to 300 pounds of feminine hygiene products in her lifetime. (You can calculate how much waste your period generates using this calculator.) Not only are they bad for the environment, taking years to break down, they can even be bad for your body. For instance, most commercially available feminine hygiene products contain bleached cotton, which creates dioxin, a toxic chemical compound that is absorbed by the fatty tissues in the body. And, although rare, there is always a risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome (TSS) when you keep your tampons in for more than the suggested eight hours.

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If you’re looking to switch to something that’s a little more eco-friendly—and safer for your vagina—you may want to consider a reusable option. If you’re a tampon user, switching to a menstrual cup isn’t as scary as it seems. Plus, once you’re over that learning curve—admittedly, switching from “traditional” products to a menstrual cup can be a little messy— you won’t have to deal with too many incidents of leakage.  

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So where exactly can you buy a menstrual cup? If you thought tampons were hard to find in Manila, menstrual cups are sold in even fewer places! Good thing they’re mostly online, meaning it’s not limited to Metro Manila, and you can get it shipped anywhere in the country.

Here’s where you can buy your own cup:

1. Mama.Baby.Love

Run by mom-preneur Jenny Ong, Mama.Baby.Love is an online retailer that carries and sells trusted international brands like Lunette and MeLuna.

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  • MeLuna – P 1,000
  • Comes in four variants: Classic, Soft, Short, and Sport
  • SckoonCup – P 1,800
  • Lunette – P 1,800
  • Lily Cup – P 2,100

2. Mamaway

Location: 4/F Main Wing Shangri-la Plaza, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City

Mamaway is a UK-based maternity store that was brought to the Philippines by sisters Jaydee and Jonnybell Cheng. They have a brick-and-mortar shop in Shangri-La Mall as well as an online shop.

  • MeLuna – P 1,000
  • Moon Cup – P 1,500
  • Lunette – P 1,800
  • SckoonCup – P 1,800
  • Lily Cup – P 2,000

3. Sinaya Cup

Founded by Audrey Tangonan, Sinaya Cup is the country’s first local period cup! Sinaya Cup is a social enterprise; they donate menstrual cups to women in underprivileged communities when you buy your own. One cup retails for P1,199.

Although menstrual cups are initially more costly, they can last a few good years (some brands claim that with proper care, one cup can last up to 10 years), making it much cheaper than buying sanitary pads and tampons. Besides being more economical, using a menstrual cup is ~way~ more convenient. For one, you don’t have to keep changing as you can keep the cup inside for up to 12 hours!

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Before purchasing your own cup, make sure you do your research! These brands have loads of information about sizing, material, use, and maintenance on their websites. There are also plenty of other resources online that wcan help you figure out what kind of period cup is right for you.

*All prices listed above are prior to shipping

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