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Science Says Being Tired Makes You Eat More The Next Day

Around 400 calories more.
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

Are you pagod AF today? (Or you know, every single day.) If so, you might want to pay attention to your food intake today, because as it turns out, when you don’t get enough rest, there’s a higher chance of you eating more the following day.

For some reason, we’re not that surprised.  

Researchers at King’s College London looked at 11 studies with 172 participants—both male and female with different body types. Each study had a control group of people who got enough sleep (around seven to 12 hours a night) and a group that wasn’t catching enough Z’s (3.5 to 5.5 hours). Participants who didn’t get enough sleep consumed an extra 385 calories on average. If you need a point of comparison, that’s 4.5 slices of bread, which is one-fifth of the caloric intake an active 30-year-old woman needs.

Author Gerda Pot explains, “Sleep-deprived people proportionally consumed more fat and less protein.” She continues, “We need to do more research into sleep as a possible remediable risk factor for obesity and possibly other cardio-metabolic diseases like diabetes, especially in today’s society in which trends are showing that people sleep less.”

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Keep this in mind the next time you pull an all-nighter! 

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