3 Important Reasons To Ditch Your Weighing Scale

Weight, like age, is just a number.
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Dieting is or has been a part of every woman’s life. And most of the time, it wasn’t her idea. We’re taught to obsess over our weight, to quietly reprimand ourselves whenever we gain that pound back. So we become both afraid of and dependent on weighing ourselves. The truth is, weight management does work for some people; it practices control and discipline. But for others, it can be harmful. Ahead are a few reasons why you should try living without a weighing scale.

1. It can be a trigger.   

Sometimes, when we think a weighing scale is helping us get healthy and "stay on the right track," it’s actually the reason why we have unhealthy eating patterns. People who rely on a scale too much see it as something that determines their worth. They obsess over each pound, which translates to what they eat, how they act, and what they wear.

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2. It’s not a medical professional.

Did you know that most women avoid going to the doctor because they don’t want to be weighed in? There’s a legitimate fear that stems from having a professional read that number out loud. People often forget that there’s more to health than how much you weigh. Not all fat people are unhealthy just like how not all skinny people are healthy. If you really want to know how you can improve your body and your overall health, a weighing scale won’t give you the whole picture.

3. It’s not the only factor that affects your health.

Instead of zooming in on your weight, check how your body functions as a whole. Are your hormones normal? Is your menstrual cycle regular? How much sleep are you getting? Are you hydrating enough? How are your poops? Yes, that’s right, your shits are important! Your weight isn’t everything.  

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