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Why Your Period Blood Clots Sometimes

It happens to a lot of women.
menstruation with blood clots
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Idk about you, but I completely freaked out the first time I ever got my period! My mom had to calm me down and explain that bleeding from the vagina is normal (and it was going to happen every month). It took a couple of months, but I finally accepted it. 

Until I started seeing clots. 

Of course, back then, I didn't know what it was, so I went to her and said, "Ma, I have blood jellies." And it turns out, she's experienced them, too. 

According to Susan Wysocki, a nurse, "Our bodies are engineered in a way that blood, with the help of internal chemicals, clots so that we don't bleed to death." When we are on our cycle, the body releases anti-coagulants to keep clots from forming, but when the flow is heavy, "not all of your uterine tissue is able to be broken down, which leads to clots forming and being released during menstruation."

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But I never really understood why my mom and I got them and others didn't. Wysocki explained, "It really depends on individual chemistry and whether they have a heavy or light period."

So if you experience period clots, don't worry because everything's still in tip-top condition. Unless it seems excessive, in which case you should go to your gynecologist. 

Source: Women's Health

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