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This Type Of Milk Could Be Why You’re Breaking Out

Skim milk lovers, listen up!
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So science is taking it back—skim milk isn’t better for you after all! As it turns out, whole milk, with all its glorious fatty contents, is back in favor because it’s less processed than skim, which means it has more nutrients.

The European Journal of Nutrition found that people who drink whole milk not only weigh less, but also have lower rates of obesity than those who consume skim milk. Registered dietician Despina Hyde insists that “fat is not the enemy. Fat is good for us. It provides that feeling of fullness. It helps us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.”

If that hasn’t convinced you to ditch your non-fat skim milk, the Journal of the Academy of Dermatology also found an association between drinking skim milk and breaking out. Yikes! The researchers studied the eating habits and skin types of 225 teens, ages 14 to 19. The results suggested that those who consumed higher amounts of skim milk had more acne while the blemish free participants were more likely to drink whole, soy, or almond milk.

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Of course, association does not mean causation. There could be other factors affecting acne. Still, if you’re breaking out and you don’t know why, it might be time to switch back to whole milk!

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