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Picking Your Nose With Dirty Fingers Can Lead To Brain Infections

UGH. One more thing to worry about.

If you are secretly stuck in the past and still picking your nose whenever someone isn’t looking, cut that shit out. Apart from being super ~*nasty*~, you can get SERIOUS infections for going up your nose for a dig.

Dr. Zara Patel, a rhinologist and skull base surgeon, strongly discourages people from putting their fingers in their noses “because introducing bacteria from your hands into the nasal cavity—and what might therefore become bacteria in your sinus cavity—can only lead to problems and complications, whether it's just a colonization of foreign bacteria in your nose, or an actual infection that can become worse.” Apparently, it can get SO bad that there are actual medical records on how these types of complications have led to brain infections.

Dr. Patel goes on, “We all have normal kinds of good bacteria that live in our nasal cavities. And that’s a different kind of bacteria from what is found on the surface of our skin [or in our mouths.] When you introduce your finger into your nose, you’re introducing [several types of bacteria] that can overgrow and replace [the bacteria in there.]”

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Your sinus is connected to so many different parts of your body that sinus infections can even lead to blindness and a stroke. WHAT?! So the next time you start reaching for your nose, think again. Or you know, use a tissue. 

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