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Shaking Your Leg While Sitting Is Actually Good For You

aka 'kuyakoy.'
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t help but shake your leg every time you were bored or impatiently waiting? And your mom would have to not-so-subtly hold your leg down just to get you to stop? Well, as it turns out, shaking your leg as an adult is beneficial to your health, especially if you work in an environment that requires you to sit all day long.

How does it work? Researchers from the University of Missouri, led by Jaume Padilla, were interested in finding out whether or not fidgeting or shaking your leg while you’re sitting down could “prevent a decline in leg vascular function.” Surprisingly, the findings also indicated that kuyakoy benefits arterial function as well.

11 healthy men and women were observed for this study. The participants had their leg vascular function tested before and after three hours of sitting. They had to tap their foot for a full minute, and then rest for four. As previously stated, there was a significant increase in blood flow. So if you’re not much of a leg-shaker, at least be sure to take a break and get up once in a while during a normal work day at the office.  

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