11 Women Share The Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms They Experienced

Who knew dogs behaved differently around pregnant women?
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Some of the initial symptoms of pregnancy are obvious: Missing a period, getting morning sickness, and having tender boobs. But some signs are less common, and you wouldn't always know they might be an indication of pregnancy.

On a Reddit thread, a group of women shared the unusual symptoms they noticed before later discovering they were pregnant:

  1. Sensitivity to smells.

    "I was actually on my way to buy a pregnancy test, but as I walked in the drugstore, the smell of all the perfumes was too much. I threw up on their welcome matno warning, I couldn't even turn my head. I felt ridiculous buying the test, the cashier was looking at me like, 'You really don't need to buy this.'" – Via Reddit

  2. An obsessed dog.

    "When I first found out I was pregnant my dog wouldn't leave me alone. Ever. Like she was glued to me. It drove me nuts, and when I found out I was pregnant it explained it. Recently a friend who's been trying to get pregnant started complaining about her dog never leaving her alone and being really annoying. Sure enough, she's pregnant." – Via Reddit

  3. A change in taste buds.

    "I suddenly loathed coffee, sweets, and cheeseburgers after a 10-year uninterrupted love affair with all of the above. It was bewildering." – Via Reddit

  4. A yeast infection.

    "Yeast infection. First and only I've ever had in my life. Now I get paranoid every time I feel an itch down there." – Via Anonymous

  5. Nosebleeds.

    "Bloody nose. Bent over in the middle of summer, stood up, blood running down my face. I was with my husband visiting my in-laws. A couple of weeks later we tested positive and when we told them, my brother-in-law said that my mother-in-law told him she thought I was pregnant the day I had the bloody nose. Whaaat?!" – Via Reddit

  6. Gagging on your toothbrush.

    "Oh god. The toothbrush thing. I could be completely fine and as soon as the toothbrush touched my tongue I'd get an intense wave of nausea. So frustrating." – Via Reddit

  7. A metallic taste in your mouth.

    "A few days after conception (I'm assuming), I had the most distinctive taste in my mouth, like I was sucking on dirty coins. Metallic, but not bloody. It was awful and only lasted for a few minutes. Two pregnancy tests a few weeks later were negative, the third a week later was positive. Never had it before or since." – Via Reddit

  8. Painful joints.

    "Oh man, my joints. One day I woke up and could not close my hand, it felt like I had hydraulic hands. Turns out pregnancy affects your joints. I didn't know, two weeks later a BFP. (Big fat positive)" – Via Reddit

  9. Intense allergic reactions.

    "My second pregnancy, I got stung by a bee and had a significantly worse reaction than I'd had with any previous bee sting. The sting was on my shoulder and the entire thing swelled up and I had hives all over my back, neck, and chest within an hour. Got a positive pregnancy test the next morning." – Via Reddit

  10. Scary nightmares.

    "I had nightmares. Like I am legit 'scared and screaming in my sleep' nightmares. [I had a] positive pregnancy test a few days later. Freaky stuff!" – Via Reddit

  11. Accelerated hair growth.

    "I've always had little wispy bangs that I referred to as 'baby hairs' because they were short and never grew. I noticed one day that they were suddenly longer. I later figured out that was because I was pregnant. Hormones are weird." – Via Reddit

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