Taking Selfies Can Help You Lose Weight

Who knew taking selfies could be so useful?

It turns out taking selfies isn’t all about showing off how good you look. It can actually help you lose weight, too!

A photographer named Matthew Mullins shared his weight loss story to CNN and said that taking pictures of himself (a.k.a. selfies) helped with his progress. “Those photos certainly keep me honest and motivated. I've got so much more confidence and energy, and the best part is I'm so much more comfortable with myself.”

Tracking your progress vis photos also boosts your confidence and is a good motivation to stick to your goals. According to Lisa Young, Ph.D., R.D., author of The Portion Teller Plan, taking photos of yourself when you’re trying to lose weight is a great way to monitor your short-term goals. She explains, "That way, you can see your results in action—and seeing any sort of progress, big or small, encourages you to continue on."

So snap and post away, CGs!

Sources: edition.cnn.com and womenshealthmag.com

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