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That Bruise May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Be wary of blood clots.

Have you ever found random bruises on your body without any recollection of how they got there? More often than not, we tend to shrug off these marks because they normally disappear in a few days. But be careful CGs, those bruises might actually be deep vein blood clots or thrombosis, and they are a lot more dangerous than you think.

According to data gathered across Europe, blood clots kill one person every 37 seconds in the Western world. Mundane things like sitting in your office chair or on a train can increase your risk of suffering from blood clots.

Signs and symptoms of deep vein thrombosis include discomfort, heaviness, aches, throbbing, itching, or warmth in the legs, skin changes in the leg such as discoloration, thickening, or ulceration, and swelling of the ankles or feet.

If you notice a bruise on your body and are experiencing any of these symptoms, we suggest you go see your doctor, stat. Better safe than sorry.

Source: Philstar

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