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The Best Time Of The Day To Weigh Yourself

Yup, there's a perfect time for it.

Whether or not you’re targeting weight loss, the best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning. To be more precise, WebMD suggests you step on the scale after relieving yourself in the bathroom upon waking up, before eating breakfast and drinking any liquids, and wearing little to nothing at all.

Doctors and nutritionists refer to this as your baseline measurement. Ever noticed how you look thinner in the morning? It’s because you are! In that period after hitting the bathroom before your first food intake of the day, your body has eliminated fluid retention and waste. “You’ve also metabolized everything you put in your body throughout the previous day,” explained Dr. Alexandra Villapol, M.D., Internal Medicine Specialist. Your weight then fluctuates up to three pounds throughout your day depending on your food and fluid intake, activities, and level of metabolism.

As for CGs who work in call centers or jobs that give you an irregular body clock, just measure your weight after your full sleep cycle and before your first meal upon waking up. If you’re the type who weighs yourself daily, make sure you do it on the same hour of the day and using the same scale for consistency.

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