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This Chart Shows That BMI Has Nothing To Do With Your Health And Fitness

Your weight doesn't really tell you everything.

At least once in our lives we had to calculate for our Body Mass Index or BMI. We got our weight in kilograms and divided that by the square of our height in meters, and the result lets us know if we have high body fat or not based on BMI ranges.

Our BMI doesn’t tell us if our body fat is unhealthy or if we run the risk of any disease. Body Labs, a New York-based startup that analyzes the human body, created a chart of 3D body scans to show just that. It features six different women all 5-foot-7, 145 pounds, and with a BMI of 22.8 (a normal or healthy weight). And guess what: Their bodies look nothing alike.

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Body mass is distributed to different parts of your body, and that mass which can be fat or muscle varies in each person. According to Jonathan Schwartz, the director of products at Body Labs, you can be an athlete in shape but be deemed overweight or obese through your BMI, or you can have a low or average BMI but the mass is focused on your torso, which can signal a potential cardiovascular disease.

If you need proof that the numbers on the scale don’t have everything to do with your shape, health, and fitness, and hence aren’t everything, this is it.

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