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This Is How Technology Is Messing With Your Memory

They call it the 'Google effect.'

Technology has definitely changed our lives. From online dating, online shopping, and online banking—almost everything is done electronically. But although it saves you a lot of time and effort, science has found that it can affect your memory in a negative way. 

Past research has shown that having easy access to almost everything makes it less likely for you to remember actual facts and more likely to remember how to access them. It’s called the Google effect and according to a new study published by internet security company Kaspersky Lab, its effect goes beyond online facts. Most digital consumers depend heavily on devices and see the internet as an extension of their brain. They call this phenomenon "digital amnesia."

Although having easy access to any kind of information is good and convenient, disconnecting from the virtual world from time to time wouldn’t hurt either–for your memory’s sake. 

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