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Three Reasons To Ditch Low-Fat Diets

A recent study showed that women on low-fat diets had the same rates of diseases as those who ate whatever they wanted.
Balance Your Diet
Investigators agree with the results of the study, which do not recommend low-fat diets. It's still best to follow guidelines for healthy eating, with less saturated and trans fats, more grains, and more fruits and vegetables.

It's Not What You Eat
"People think it's what they ate. They don't look at how much they ate, or that they smoke, or that they’re sedentary," said Dr. Barbara V. Howard, an epidemiologist at MedStar Research Institute. Diets alone aren't enough to stay healthy. We have to eat well and exercise regularly, she adds.[nextpage]

It's Not All Bad
Some specialists stressed this doesn't mean people should abandon low-fat diets. A modest reduction of fat and substitution with fruits and vegetables won't do much to decrease the risk for these diseases, says Dr. Nanette K. Wenger, a cardiologist and professor at Emory University School of Medicine.

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