This Is Your Official Warning To Stop Using Your Phone In Bed

Or you might wanna start actually wearing your sunglasses at night.
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Today in news about our inevitable impending collective doom, the New England Journal of Medicine found two women who, because they used their cell phones too much in bed at night, went temporarily blind. This is called transient smartphone "blindness" and it is most certainly going to happen to us all.

The first case presented by the Journal is a 22-year-old who suffered from recurring impaired vision at night. The second is a 40-year-old who'd lose her vision for about 15 minutes upon waking each morning for six whole months. Upon examination, it turned out each woman experienced her symptoms after "viewing a smartphone screen, in the dark, while lying in bed (before going to sleep in the first case and after waking in the second)."

According to livescience, the doctors went ahead and tested their theory themselves and did indeed note that when they stared at their phones in the dark, "their vision was considerably reduced…and took several minutes to recover."

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This happens because of a "differential bleaching of photopigment" caused by the contrast of the phone and the dark. These symptoms are likely to become more frequently heard by doctors, the Journal notes, as when's the last time you got in bed and didn't stare at your phone for four hours? Though there was no solution offered by the report, I'll save you a lot of time and anxiety right here: If you need to be watch all of what YouTube has to offer late at night while under your covers, at least wear your sunglasses, dammit.

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