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This Is Why Your Breath Smells Bad In The Morning

You know it's true.
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Whether you've had a big boozy night or not, you can almost guarantee you'll wake up every morning with a grim taste in your mouthwhich more often than not equals a grim smell. It's not glamorous, but it's true. It's why a glass of water by your bedside table is a godsend if you ever wake up in close proximity to another human because it serves as some kind of dilution to the abhorrent smell that will emerge if you open your mouth to speak.

But why? Why must we go through this hardship every morning? Luckily, Men's Health asked an expert to find out.

It turns out it's all to do with how much saliva you produce overnight. Essentially: not very much. Prosthodontist Mazen Natour explained that saliva serves to wash away bacteria in the mouth which can cause odors. The less saliva we produce (aka the drier the mouth), the more smelly bacteria can growmeaning our breath smells far from being ~fresh~ first thing in the morning.

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The expert also pointed to snoring and breathing through your mouth during the night as other causes of making your mouth dry. So if you're guilty of either of the above, you can expect your morning breath to be next level, unfortunately.

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But there is one positive to be taken out of this: Bad breath in the morning is completely normal. It will be worse, mind you, if you skip brushing your teeth the night before, because the leftover food particles will encourage the growth of bacteria. So don't be lazy.

You might shy away from morning kisses because you're paranoid your breath stinks, but rest assured, your partner is the same.

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