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Why You Shouldn't Eat Too Much Sushi

It may be infested with worms.

We love sushi and sashimi as much as the next girl, but this disturbing news bit is making us think twice before ordering another plate of Spicy Tuna Maki.

A Chinese man who loved sashimi was shocked to find out that his entire body was infested with tapeworms after eating one too many raw slices of fish. After complaining about a stomachache and itchy skin, he had himself checked by a doctor and discovered that parasites had spread throughout his body. Apparently, the sashimi he ate was contaminated. Yikes!

Keep in mind that although it is a delicious delicacy, raw or uncooked fish or meat can lead to a variety of parasitic infections. So go enjoy your sushi, but make sure you eat it from a reputable establishment! And if it tastes a bit off? Better ditch it. 


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