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Working Long Hours Can Increase Your Risk Of Stroke By A Third

Step away from the keyboard.

The nine-to-five dream is exactly that these daysa dreamgiven that most people work late on a daily basis. Although it’s hard to imagine switching off from your boss’ e-mails because your life depends on it, you should definitely consider it after the scary stuff The Lancet Medical Journal’s study revealed.

According to their research, you’re 33 percent more likely to suffer from a stroke if you’re working just an extra three hours a day. So in actual fact, your life depends on you not working as much.

And it’s not just replying to e-mails that’s increasing your risk of a stroke, it’s also the lack of exercise, nutritious diet, and sleep that come with staying back late which contributes to being unhealthy. So essentially, heading home on the dot should be your top priority. 

Although three hours a day doesn’t seem like much, it is enough time to binge watch Orange Is The New Black every night while doing sit-ups during the next episode buffering. Because at least that way, you’re fitting a little bit of exercise in and avoiding emails. 

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