Your Facebook Habits Reveal More Than You Think

Take note of the things you post and "like" on Facebook!

Ah, the wonderful world of Facebook—the venue for totally random discoveries, rekindling and development of friendships, and of course, shameless stalking. It has easily become part of the daily routine of most Internet-users, so it’s no surprise that online habits affect one’s personality.

It has been reported that scientists can tell how smart you are based on the things you "like" on Facebook. It also sheds insight on your IQ, self-esteem, and hidden health risks of your mood.

A British study showed that selfies are the most disliked posts on social media, while posts about one’s family is viewed positively. Oversharing and TMI-posts are also considered an annoyance to your friends and followers. “This is because people, other than very close friends and relatives, don't seem to relate well to those who constantly share photos of themselves,” lead study author Dr. David Houghton, of Birmingham Business School in the UK, told the Daily Mail.

Moreover, a study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison involving 159 students with Facebook accounts revealed that those who constantly viewed their own profiles had significant boosts in self-esteem, but increased the possibility for laziness as it diminishes their motivation to do their best in real-world mental challenges.

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