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Ice Cream Cleanse, Anyone?

Yes please!

By now, you’ve probably tried at least one of the juice cleanses that’s gained so much following from celebrities and health buffs alike. But if you’re really averse to the idea of drinking veggies or anything green, how about an ice cream cleanse, then?  

Say, what?

The gist of this supposed diet is that you eat five pints of ice cream, and nothing else, in a span of four days. But you don’t eat just any kind of ice cream, mind you. We’re talking about 100 % raw, non-dairy ice cream—no ingredient is cooked or heated at all. It is vegan friendly, and 100% organic, too. The ice cream is made from coconuts which are fermented and turned into coconut yogurt. Raw honey is used to sweeten the yogurt and then chilled to turn it into ice cream. Just like your juice cleanse, you have to strictly follow a menu to make the ice cream diet work for you. In the morning, you start out with the raw coconut flavor, followed by the orange creamsicle, and then dark chocolate with Himalayan sea salt. You repeat the procedure for four days and you’re supposed to lose a significant amount of weight in the process.


But does it really work? According to Brooke Alpert, R.D., "Whether ice cream is coconut-based or not, it’s about the variety of nutrients you’re getting—or the lack thereof." Yes, you will shed a few pounds, but you will also instantly gain it back after the four day period. "While the ice cream cleanse sounds like fun, it isn’t a smart choice. It just isn’t sustainable and healthy for you in the long run."


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