The Difference Between Good And Bad Calories

This IG Account Will Show You What Good vs. Bad Calories Look Like

Keep these in mind for when you feel like snacking.
PHOTO: Instagram/meowmeix

We hope that at this point in our lives, no one is under the illusion that gummy bears and chocolates are better snacks than fruits and nuts—no matter how little you consume. Ideally, sweets are just guilty pleasures we sometimes indulge in. But on a daily basis, it's still better to reach for the more natural option. And because people aren't usually convinced by facts, nutrition guru and blogger Amanda Meixner decided to use visuals to demonstrate the difference between good vs. bad calories. Here are some of our favorites:

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Still not reaching your goals? Your *healthy* choices might need some tweeking: 

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Amanda also posts photos of what ~real~ food looks like, as a reminder that not everything you eat should be for the 'gram:

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