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Jennylyn Mercado Dennis Trillo Have A Frozen Embryo Ready: 'Anytime gusto naming magka-baby ulit'

The couple are hands-on parents to their one-year-old daughter Dylan.
Jennylyn Mercado Dennis Trillo frozen embryo
PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/niceprintphoto via instagram/dennistrillo, instagram/dennistrillo

Actors Jennylyn Mercado, 36, and Dennis Trillo, 41, have been trying to conceive since 2018. The couple first revealed their surrogacy plan in a vlog uploaded in 2021. The couple shared the difficulties and pain they experienced throughout their journey, including flying in and out of the country between locked-in tapings for the necessary procedures.

Jennylyn described the pain of the treatments, saying, "Masakit siya habang pumapasok 'yung gamot, kasi malapot siya...'Yung feeling na parang pinupunit 'yung laman mo." However, to their surprise, Jennylyn and Dennis were able to conceive naturally, and their first child together, Dylan, was born on April 25, 2022 via caesarean section.

Despite this, they still have one excellent embryo remaining, which can be implanted either in Jennylyn or a surrogate mother. 

In an interview with 24 Oras, Jennylyn shared, "Pwede pa po yun, naka-freeze lang yung embryos. Anytime na gusto naming magka-baby ulit, pwedeng ako na, pwedeng surrogate ulit, depende kung kakayanin ko pa."


Jennylyn and Dennis are also raising two teenage sons, Jazz and Calix. 

Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo on being hands-on parents to Dylan

As of now, it remains to be seen whether Jennylyn and Dennis will pursue implantation of the remaining embryo. Currently, they are focused on enjoying their time being hands-on parents to Dylan, who recently turned one. 

"Hindi pwedeng naiiwan si Dylan mag-isa. Honestly, may mga inquiries po kami na gusto kaming dalawa magkasama pero sinasabi namin na imposible pa sa ngayon, kasi si Dylan naghahanap talaga. Kailangan niya si mama, si papa," she said. 

Jennylyn also mentioned she is now back to tapings and doing triathlon training.

What happens to embryos if they don't get implanted?

To create embryos, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the harvested eggs from the mother are fertilized with sperm from a partner or donor, and the resulting embryos are observed and graded for their growth potential. Highly graded embryos can be frozen using a process called vitrification, which protects the cells by replacing water with a protectant fluid and flash-freezing with liquid nitrogen.

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According to 2021 data, there are more than 620,000 cryopreserved embryos in the US. While some couples are eager to have them implanted immediately, others may feel that they have completed their family-building journey. In a New York Times article, a mom shared her situation of having three fertilized eggs available to potentially become siblings to her two existing children.

However, the mom expressed that she felt that she was already "done reproducing." This dilemma left her with three options: to preserve, discard, or donate the embryos.

You can opt to preserve your embryos for an extended period if there is a possibility that you may want to use them in the future. Dr. Briana Rudick, the director of Columbia University Fertility Center’s Third-Party Reproduction Program, advises holding onto the embryos if there is any chance that a couple may want to use them later.

However, couples need to be aware of the financial burden involved, as storing the embryos can cost up to $200 (around P10,000) per month. This financial aspect sometimes leads couples to discard their unused embryos. There are also complications that arise when a couple is divorced, and the wife wants to keep the embryos, but the husband doesn't want to pay for child support anymore.


Ultimately, the decision on what to do with their frozen embryos is a deeply personal one for each individual or couple. Factors such as their desires for future children, financial considerations, and emotional readiness all play a role in determining the best course of action.

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