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Where To Buy Reusable Menstrual Products In The Philippines

Time to make the switch.
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Ever since I got my period in the summer before I entered high school, sanitary napkins were all I knew. They're accessible and easy to use. When I was in college, however, I decided to ~explore~ other products to see if I was missing out. I bought tampons due to all the years of hearing and watching about them in western shows and movies. It was a trial and error process for me, but I found them way more comfortable than pads. Once I got past pushing them in, I can barely feel them inside!

Here's the thing: Even though sanitary napkins and tampons are convenient, cheaper, and more accessible, they are not environment-friendly. Just imagine how many you use in one cycle alone, and multiply that to the number of times you get your period in your lifetime. That's a lot of waste going in landfills. In an effort to be more eco-conscious, I decided to delve into the world of reusable menstrual products and see my options. Keep on reading if you want to make the switch:

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  1. Washable cloth pads

    If you want to start off slow, try using washable cloth pads—they're the reusable version of sanitary napkins. They are made with absorbent materials to catch blood without leaking on to your clothes. To keep them from moving around, they have small clasp buttons so you can secure them on the lining of your underwear. They also come in various sizes for different flows. 

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    Ka Nami Pasador Doña Pasador, P145/piece, Ka Nami Pasador


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  2. Menstrual cups

    If you want something that's "out of sight, out of mind," try using a menstrual cup. It's made with medical-grade silicone that you insert inside your vagina to catch the blood. Once it's inside, you won't feel anything. You just need to drain it after 12 hours and wash it, then you can use it again!

    Anytime Menstrual Cup, P749, BeautyMNL


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    Sinaya Cup Menstrual Cup, P1,199, Sinaya Cup


  3. Period panties

    If you're not comfortable inserting something inside your vagina, you can try using period panties. They are knickers made with a thicker lining and more absorbent material to catch your flow without the risk of leaking. It's perfect to use when you're in the last few days of your cycle. If you have a heavier flow, we recommend that you still use a washable napkin or a menstrual cup to ensure maximum protection. (Check out one CG's review here!)

    Mirko Period Panties, P750 (set of three), BeautyMNL


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