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Saab Magalona Has Been Diagnosed With A Rare Congenital Disease

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Saab!
Saab Magalona diagnosed with rare congenital disease
PHOTO: Instagram/saabmagalona

Saab Magalona is now battling a rare congenital disease. She shared the sad news on her Instagram account almost a week after the incident that prompted her diagnosis happened. It all started with a series of symptoms that included palpitations, paleness, and nausea. 

At first, Saab and her husband Jim Bacarro thought it was just bad acid reflux and a panic attack, so they continued their trip to Boracay. However, things did not turn out well, with Saab passing out at their hotel and getting rushed to the hospital.

"I got dizzy when we got off the plane, again when we got off the boat, and I had to use a wheelchair after using the stairs at the hotel. I took a long nap and when I woke up, I used the toilet, vomited, and passed out," Saab wrote.

She recalled in her post, "I woke up to Jim screaming for help outside the hotel door with me in his arms, my soiled pants and vomit all over my shirt."


Her disease is a rare congenital condition called Meckel's Diverticulum. According to Cleveland Clinic, Meckel's Diverticulum is developed during birth. It is an outpouching or bulge in the lower part of the small intestine and is a leftover of the umbilical cord. Experts say that the disease may not show signs even until adulthood.

Saab noted that her disease causes internal bleeding and may have been triggered by stress. "My hemoglobin is back to normal, vital signs have been stable for days, just waiting for clearance so we can get back to Manila and undergo surgery," she said.

By the end of her post, she reminded everyone to take care of their bodies. "Stay safe and listen to your bodies, everyone!? Thank you Lord for giving me another day. For now I will relax, heal, and watch Masterchef while holding hands with my hero," Saab shared.

Manifesting your swift recovery, Saab!

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